Long Tail Keyword Strategy

What are long tail keywords? a primary keyword would be "dog training" the long tail keyword could be "dog training for puppies". To give you a more technical definition:

Specific, niche search phrases, usually more than 2 words in length, that offer a low competition, low search volume and high searcher intent.

Various ecommerce sites see the 80\20 rule:

80% of sales and traffic come from long tail keyword terms

20% of sales and traffic come from primary keywords

There are two factors which lead to this result:

  1. Long tail keyword terms have less competition thus your website ranks better and gets more visitors.
  2. A long tail keyword term is much more focused on specific content. That means your audiences' expectations are highly related to your offer.


Use google's auto suggest feature by entering a main keyword into the search. Scroll through the suggested search terms and pick something with 4 or more words. In our dog training example we find "dog training for puppies on stairs". Because google suggests that it means people are actually searching for it. You can check the traffic with the keyword planer from adsense.

Adwords is another easy way to find related long tail keywords. Enter your main topic and let google find matching ideas.

Check your webmaster tools search queries. You may already rank for various topics without knowing it. Regularly go through your search queries and monitor the traffic coming from that term.

With Siri and google now voice search queries getting more popular. It makes sense to use a question in your headline: "How can I train my puppy?"


It`s always a good idea to focus on them. Visitors are highly targeted to your content and improve your site's engagement factors (lower bounce rate, longer time on site etc.) It´s much easier to rank and improve your rankings for those queries. Better have 100 long tail keywords sending 10 visitors each than 1 main keyword sending 1000 (more or less unrelated) visitors to your site.

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