seo checklist for new website

When you start a new website it's important to check a few main facts to get your seo efforts into the right direction. Our starter checklist helps you to develop a successful website. 


  • make sure every page has a unique page title and meta description
  • Do you have permalinks enabled? Avoid urls with underscores. Use htaccess to rebuild a seo friendly url structure
  • Merge css and js script files to speed up the loading time.
  • decide for a domain property. read more:
  • submit your site to google webmaster console
  • submit your sitemap to google webmaster console
  • have you registered similar TDL domains to avoid brand hijacking?
  • Is your server optimized for fast loading pages and located in the country where most of your traffic will come from? Test it here: google pagespeed insights
  • Make your site look great on mobile and tablets
  • research your main keywords
  • Load google webfonts in footer for pagespeed reasons:
  • let friends and collegues visit your site and ask for improving usability. Are they stuck somewhere?
  • Do you have analytics tracking installed?
  • have a plan how to promote your website and build links
  • create social media accounts for your site and become an authority in your niche
  • regularly work on your on-site seo
  • track, test, analyze, improve everything
  • check for broken links on your site
  • check for dublicate content
  • create a robots.txt file
  • consider a content delivery network (CDN) to improve site loading speed?
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