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The term "how to" is one of the most used keywords on youtube and other search engines. People are interested to learn and figure out things. Searching for tutorials or help how to fix things, sell their car or unlock their iphone.

A sentence starting with "how-to" gives endless posibilities to build long tail keyword terms.
how to search screenshot

Let's take advantage of that and build a proper long tail keyword list for further research. You will get the concept of possibilities by seperating a search request into blocks and find matching synonyms.
Read the list below horizontally. Dash-seperated words are the variations which are then used in the long tail keyword generator below each in a seperate line.

The key is to find proper synonyms for your terms. is a great help here.

  • best place to
  • order/buy
  • cheap/low-cost
  • how to
  • visit/travel/move
  • new/second-hand/used
  • hotels/appartements/rooms
  • optimize/improve/enhance
  • in
  • shoes/iphoneX
  • for rent
  • my websites/homepage
  • europe/new york/asia
  • online/in london
  • in bangkok centre
  • page title/meta tags/keyword density

Test with our premade input and then build your own

generate your own keyword list

Make sure that there is no empty line below each last word.

The next step now is to copy this list and put it into your favorite keyword difficulty research tool to find the gap in your niche.

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